Oddstream On Stage expo
St. Stevenskerk

On the 9th and 10th of januari 2016 together with Peter Erinkveld, Hubert Heutinck, Thijs Jacobs, Henk Nijman, Sjoerd Nieuwenhuize and Julian Theelen as Oddstream On Stage for Oddstream we held an exhibition in the St. Stevenskerk of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Oddstream On Stage is a new course of Oddstream where a group of artists, designers and autodidacts get the chance to make works for a few events throughout the year, the first one being an exhibition in the church of Nijmegen. We made three works; Piano (a piano that fills the church with coloured light while playing), Preek and Sterrenhemel.

Preek is an accumulation of sermons of different religions that forms a rhythm throughout seven minutes of the screening. On a triptych abstract triangulated faces are visible and move accordingly to rhythm.
The St. Stevenskerk is a home for many different religions. This work shows their similarities.
Sterrenhemel is an immersive work where visuals, sound and scent come together to create a space that feels like watching the stars outside, while being inside a church. The audience lays down on airbeds looking up to a 3.5 m circular screen with an animation of stars projected on it while hearing binaural waveforms and subtly smelling the scent of cut grass. The church as a building is pointed to the sky, inviting people to look upwards. This installation focusses on looking upwards and looking through the roof.

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photos by Cees A. Groot

Oddstream On Stage expo
Oddstream On Stage expo